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Benefits of FS Trio!™ Software


FerenSoft Trio! Gallery and FrameShop Management Suite is the perfect computer solution for frame shops and galleries of any size. See why people are switching to FerenSoft, “Software worth getting a computer for™…”

Easy to add customers, art, mouldings, mats. Unlimited room for adding customers, art, mats, mouldings. Cloning makes quick and easy entry of repetitive information. Thorough duplicate checking capability for customers. Consignment support for art. Extensive pricing and updating options for mats and mouldings.
Support for customer art interests, codes, comments. Unlimited room and built-in support for customer notes, memos, interests, comments, codes, etc. Includes automatic art interest generation and tracking. All these can be searched, reported, and used to create targeted mailings in a snap.
Smooth point-of-sale operation. Fast, smooth, easy operation. Both mouse point-and-click and full keyboard support is provided with hot-keys, drop down menus, etc. Changing any selection causes instant price recalculation for comparison shoppers! Make selections and changes in any sequence without having to move again and again through the entire invoice.
Estimates and quotes jobs of any complexity. Any option, service, or detail your shop performs on a framing package can be easily included with full pricing control. All  frame and art sales can be done in FerenSoft Trio!, not just the easy ones.
Retrieves old invoices, estimates and designs. Full retrieval of saved estimates and complete design information from old customer invoices is easy. Design styles can also be saved and retrieved. Retrieved designs, whether estimates, invoices, or styles, can be applied to projects with Espresso!™ and the price is immediately available.
Customizable invoices and work orders. Built-in gallery and framing invoice and work order formats can support orders of any complexity, with or without price details. Invoices and work orders can be modified and customized to suit with the built-in report writer!
Creates address labels, reports and queries. Hundreds of reports, labels and queries are included. All can be cloned, modified, saved, and used again with the built-in report, label and query writers. Provides unlimited customized reporting and label generation, sorted as needed. Includes labels for customer mailings, art, moulding chevrons, matboards, etc.
Generates cutting, tracking, and order lists. Generates and manages material requirements lists for use as cutting lists, tracking in-house progress of jobs, and sending orders to suppliers.
Shares data with other software. Computer industry standard files are directly readable by most spreadsheets, databases, and more. Data can be exported for use by word processors, accounting software, mail merge software, etc., and support is provided to export and import many other formats.
Runs on wide range of Network platforms. FS Trio! runs on and can be optionally networked between a wide range of computer operating systems, including: Windows 10, Windows 7, and even Windows XP, all at the same time! All data files are 100% compatible across this entire spectrum.
Interfaces to common hardware. Includes built-in touch-screen and barcode support. Cash drawer support. Can both print and scan barcode labels. Suitable hardware required. FerenSoft Trio! optional computerized mat cutter link allows Wizard, Eclipse, Fletcher-Terry, and other CMCs to directly read and cut mats from FS Trio! invoices.
Inexpensive to own and operate. There are no hidden costs. FerenSoft doesn't require users to sign up for expensive annual support contracts. While paid support, auto-price updates, etc., are all available, many of our customers run happily without these, trouble-free, year after year. Updates and upgrades reasonably priced.
Your data belongs to you. There are no contracts nor requirements giving someone else access to your business or customer information! Your data is always yours!


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