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Pricing Effective September 2017

FerenSoft Trio!™ Windows (5,16)     Price / Order (1,2,3,4)
Frame Shop / Art Gallery Software:
Current version of FerenSoft Trio!™ Gallery and FrameShop management software suite for use world-wide. Runs on PC (5) and Mac (16)
•  Current FS Trio! User?
See Upgrades section below…
  U.S. / Canada $ 1,295/yr ***     (6,7)

Current user?
*** See     Upgrades     section…
  Version 14.3+ for Windows (5,16)
  For Win 64-bit or 32-bit (10)
  For use on one computer
  Monthly pricing option available (12)
  Web Pricing Updates option available
  Network, CMC, and Power Tools options available

  Metric / International $ 1,295/yr ***
  Version 14.3+ for Windows (5,16)
  For Win 64-bit or 32-bit (10)
  For use on one computer
  Monthly pricing option available (12)
  Network, CMC, and Power Tools options available
  International Shipping $ 65
FerenSoft Trio! Pro Options
Network / Multi-User Option:
Very Cool! The first 3-pak extends FS Trio! to run on a total of three computers on a single network. Additional 3-paks can extend the network to more workstations.
  Network 3-pak $ 549

Note: Network/Multi-User Option available only in 3-station increments.

Power Tools Option:
New Features!! New features and advanced options for busy shops running FS Trio! v9.2+ or later. Significant Power Tools extensions have been added and are available for FS Trio! v.14.3+ or later.
  Power Tools — Stand-Alone $ 395

Configured: for use on a single computer running FS Trio! as a stand-alone system.

  Power Tools — Network $ 395 (base)
+ per seat
Configured: to be deployed across a network installation running FS Trio!.
Note: Power Tools option must be run on all workstations if used on a network.
Plus:  Additional charges per “seat” which vary depending on network size.

CMC Link Option:
Interface options to these Computerized Mat Cutters (CMCs):
  Wizard CMC Link $ 345 (specify)

  Fletcher F-6100 CMC Link

  Valiani CMC Link Coming
  Gunnar CMC Link

Multi-Site Option:
Available to help manage multiple sites from a central location.
  Customized Code $ Varies by config
FerenSoft Web Options
Annual Vendor Price Update Subscription Fees:
Available 24/7 for U.S. & Canada! Update vendor moulding and matboard prices from our continuously maintained web-pages exclusively for FS subscribers. Scores of vendors included.
Note: All subscriptions require FS Trio! version 8.3 or later.
Note: Subscriptions available on calendar year basis only.
Note: Option's price can be pro-rated for mid-year FS Trio! purchases.
  U.S. Annual Standard Subscription $ 395

Includes: Our most popular moulding and matboard vendors.

  U.S. Annual Premium Subscription $ 695

Includes: Access to all above Standard vendors plus Closed Corner moulding vendors, Fabric Covered liner vendors, and others.

  Canada Annual Vendor Subscription $ 395

Includes: Canadian and U.S. vendors.
[at par]

  Express Update — U.S. Only $ 265

Includes: Standard U.S. vendors only — no premium content.
Note: 30-day activation period.
Note: Must be recent subscriber.
[call or email for details…]

  Activation / Re-activation Fee $ 65
Includes: Activation or re-activation of new or  lapsed subscriptions.
FerenSoft Cloud Options
FS Trio! Cloud Backup Option
Backup all your FS Trio! data to the cloud, safely and securely! FerenSoft has partnered with CleverFox Backup to offer backup of your FS Trio! data to the cloud.
  CleverFox Backup – “Small Package” $ 10/mo (15)

jump to CleverFox Cloud Backup
  Protection against common disasters such as: disk failure, power surges, fire, theft, ransomware attacks
  Backups are compressed and transmitted over a SSL connection to a secure data center where they are stored using AES-256 encryption
  Multiple backup sets (daily, weekly, monthly) can be maintained
  Can backup in-use FS Trio! DBF data files!
  Email notifications if desired
  Web-based management
  Simple monthly billing
  No long-term contract, cancel anytime
  Free 30-day trial, no credit card
(15) For “Small” package. Several package sizes are offered.
Evaluation / Demo Offers
FerenSoft Trio! Evaluation and Demo Copies:
Try the latest full-distribution version of FerenSoft Trio! on your computer at no risk!
  FS Trio! 60-Day Evaluation CD $ 149 deposit (6,7,8,9)

(6) Fully refundable deposit if product received back within 60 days of initial order.
(7) Includes S/H to U.S. and Canada only.
(8) Deposit fully applicable to purchase price of FS Trio!
(9) Requires FerenSoft USB or Parallel port “green key” – included with Evaluation.

  FS Trio! 30-Day Demonstration Download $ 0 (request) (18,19)

(18) Send fully-completed request from our Request Info page.
(19) For Windows 10/8/7 only, 64-bit or 32-bit.
FerenSoft Upgrades
Software Upgrades:
Upgrade to the latest version of FerenSoft Trio! from these existing versions:
  To v.14.3 from v.11.x and prior without Power Tools $ 90/mo

Monthly service
Includes: Latest new features and improvements
(10) Runs on Win 10/8/7/Vista/XP, 64-bit or 32-bit.
(11) Pricing is per computer per month.
(12) Full-annual or monthly automatic-billing option required.

  To v.14.3 from v.11.x and prior for Power Tools Users $ 125/mo

Monthly service
Includes: Several new Power Tools additions
(10) Runs on Win 10/8/7/Vista/XP, 64-bit or 32-bit.
(11) Pricing is per computer.
(12) Full-annual or monthly automatic-billing option required.

  To v.12.x from v.11.x and prior w/out Power Tools $ 629/yr (11,13)

Includes: Many of v.14's new features
(11) Pricing is per computer.
(13) Version 12.x will not run on 64-bit operating systems.
FerenSoft Extras
  FS Polygon™ $ 59 (17)
Multi-Sided Frame Calculator finds all inside-angles, outside-angles and cutting dimensions of any regular polygon with up to 360 sides.
(17) FS Polygon included Free in FS Trio! for Windows.

  FS Trio! Software Manual $ 79
Printed / Bound copy of FerenSoft Trio! “User's Guide” with over 300 pages.
Note: Complete “User's Guide” software manual in .pdf format included Free with FS Trio!
Training / Installation & Other
  Installation & Setup — Yes!! $ per Quote (14)
On-Site installation and setup.

  Custom Training — Yes!! $ per Quote (14)
On-Site training for staff and management.

  User's Conference — Yes!! Call for schedule
Annual User's Conference & Hands-On Workshop with session tracks from Beginner to Advanced.
Transfer & Swap Fees
  Data Transfer Fee $ 159 per File
Transfer data to FS Trio! format from other software or custom translate/export/import data from/to other data formats.

  Logo Transfer Fee $ 159 per Logo
Format business logo from other file format to FS Trio! image format for automatic inclusion on invoices and other printouts.
Note: DIY conversion tips available.

  FS Trio! Transfer Fee $ 200 per Site
Transfer FS Trio! to new shop / gallery owner with sale of shop / gallery.

  Swap/Substitute Key Fee $ 179 per Key
Swap / Substitute the standard Parallel port key for either a:
 USB port key, or
 very-small-profile Parallel port key.
Note: USB key requires Win2000 or later, plus setup fee.
Note: Swap requires return of existing key, plus setup fee.
 (1)   All prices US$. Prices subject to change without notice.  
 (2) Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc., accepted through PayPal.  
 (3) You do not need to be a PayPal member to use PayPal!  
 (4) Cookies for www.paypal.com, including 3rd-party cookies, must be enabled in order for PayPal's site to work. If you receive a “Sorry! your last action could not be completed” message, it is likely your browser is blocking PayPal's cookies. Both FireFox and Internet Explorer allow enabling cookies selectively, on a site-by-site basis, under Tools/Options.  
 (5) Requires installed copy of MicroSoft® Windows™ in order to operate.  
 (6) Fully refundable if product received back within 60 days of initial order.  
 (7) Includes S/H to U.S. and Canada only.  
 (8) Deposit fully applicable to purchase price of FS Trio!.  
 (9) Requires FerenSoft USB or Parallel port “green key” – included with Eval.  
 (10)  Runs on 64-bit or 32-bit Windows OS versions Win10/Win8/Win7/Vista/XP and above.  
 (11) On a Network, pricing is per “seat” or per computer.  
 (12) Option for monthly pricing is available. Requires pre-authorized automatic PayPal payments.  
 (13) Version 12.x will not run on 64-bit operating systems. Version 12.x will run on 32-bit operating systems, including Win7+ and higher, if they are installed as 32-bit “Pro” versions.  
 (14) Minimum on-site fees are $600 per day unless quoted otherwise.  
 (15) For “Small” package. Several package sizes are offered.  
 (16) Runs on Apple OS X under Parallels Desktop. See Requirements page for more detailed information.  
 (17) FS Polygon is included free in FS Trio! for Windows.  
 (18) Send fully-completed request from our “Request Info” page.  
 (19) For Windows 10/8/7 only, 64-bit or 32-bit.  


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