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FerenSoft Trio! Gallery & FrameShop Management Suite Grows Your Business!

FerenSoft introduced the original FrameShop™ in March 1992 as a new type of management software for the gallery and framing industry. FerenSoft's FrameShop software transformed business management for galleries and framers by increasing business and improving the bottom line.

Now FerenSoft Trio!™ Gallery and FrameShop Management Suite expands on the original FrameShop to provide a smoothly integrated software suite for managing Customers, Art, and Framing.

FerenSoft Trio!(TM) Gallery and FrameShop Management Suite Software Package

The three parts of FerenSoft Trio!™ Gallery and FrameShop Management Suite work together in a seamless package.


FerenSoft can work with you to load your current address list into Trio! Add new customers on-the-fly at point of sale. All sales are automatically recorded to the customer file for future queries, reports, and targeted mailings.

Targeted mailings are a snap using FerenSoft Trio! Keep as much information as you choose on each customer, including unlimited notes and interests. Then quickly locate any group of customers with easy-to-use query capabilities that are unusually powerful.


With FerenSoft Trio! a busy gallery can easily manage art inventory in any format, including: originals, photos, limited edition prints, paintings, sculpture, watercolors, books, posters, etc. Enter as much or as little information as you want or need to track art medium, colors, subject, condition, dimensions, and other art details.

Trio! provides flexibility in tracking and setting wholesale and retail prices, consignments, commissions, and other financial details. At the sales counter, quickly find art pieces using multiple search options: artist, title, subject, color, etc. Art sales are automatically added to customer art interests for targeted marketing.

Images of art can be easily associated to FS Trio! art database entries. Images of art and completed framing can also be associated with invoices and work orders. The art picture software option supports a wide range of image formats, including: .ani, .bmp, .cur, .dib, .exif, .gif, .gfa, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif, .ico, .png, .tif, .tiff, and .emf. This feature requires the Power Tools option.


FerenSoft Trio! frame shop software comes already setup with thousands of matboards and mouldings and more can be easily added. Many complete manufacturer's lines are also available. You can add your own inventory or have your suppliers contact FerenSoft about providing inventory pricing data. FS Trio! calculates the cutting dimensions of mats and frames for you.

Pricing control
FerenSoft Trio! provides ultimate flexibility in setting and updating framing inventory prices. Set retail prices however you choose with Trio!'s unlimited pricing formulas.

A wide variety of price updating options are supported, including: individual, group, global, spreadsheet, thumbdrive, and web-site. Update your inventory prices in minutes.

At last it's finally possible to get and keep control over ever-changing matboard and picture frame molding prices.
Designing frame sales
FerenSoft Trio!'s Espresso™ technology permits rapid design, pricing, redesign and repricing of framing orders on-the-fly.

Customers won't challenge your computer-generated quotes. All special framing details can be included and priced in a frame design.

Save frequently used designs for instant use at any time. You can even retrieve designs from customer invoices! Framing sales automatically create detailed work orders and invoices which can be customized to suit your needs.

FerenSoft Trio! is designed with the gallery manager and picture framer always in mind.

Complete Flexibility and Total Control
FerenSoft Trio! is designed with the gallery manager and framer always in mind.

Whether you are tracking customer art interests, maintaining art and framing inventory, setting prices, or customizing invoices, labels, and reports, FerenSoft Trio! has the flexibility to work the way you work.

You don't have to adapt to the computer. FerenSoft Trio! adapts to you and the way you do business.
Unlimited reports and labels
FerenSoft Trio! supports 1000's of dot matrix, ink jet, and laser printers. Label designs are included for addresses, chevrons, art, bar codes, tracking, and other uses.

A wide variety of reports provide account statements, sales reports, lists of customers, vendors, prices, inventory, materials, and many more.

Best of all, you can change any of these reports to suit your needs. Built-in design tools even let you create and use additional reports of your own design for any information tracked by FerenSoft Trio!

Software worth getting a computer for™…

Unlike some products, all FerenSoft Trio! information is stored in standard 'xbase' files, which means you can use other software, like spreadsheets, to access your Trio! data.

Current users are very enthusiastic about FerenSoft Trio!, especially those who bought and used some of the other software packages on the market. Priced competitively, Trio! represents an exceptional value with excellent customer support. Trio! will make money for you in the first year! It is “Software worth getting a computer for…”


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