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Since 1983, FerenSoft has offered Computer Consulting and Software Solutions with extensive experience in database design and programming from Seattle, Washington and San Diego, California.

FerenSoft has been developing software specific to the Picture Framing and Art Gallery business since 1991. Our mission is to provide the best picture framing and art gallery management software and computer consulting services available.

While a principal at FerenSoft, John Ferens has owned and operated a custom frame shop, earned his CPF in 1987, and taught dozens of workshops and seminars for PPFA and elsewhere in the industry.

As a Contributing Editor, John wrote nearly 70 pieces for the industry trade journal Decor Magazine, including the popular, monthly “Computer Ease” column, which ran for over five years. Before developing FerenSoft FrameShop™ and FerenSoft Trio!™ software, he researched and wrote three comprehensive, in-depth reviews of picture framing and art gallery software for Decor Magazine. Credits also include published articles in other software and professional journals.

In other project areas, FerenSoft has developed: inventory, prescription, and radioactive-decay tracking software for nuclear pharmacy automation; project tracking software for non-profit and governmental use; data (file and image) manipulation software; accounting modules; and software code debuggers.

FerenSoft is very concerned about the world environment. We work to minimize consumption, reduce waste, reuse, and recycle whenever possible. Our worldwide concern for fish, bird, and wildlife populations has lead us to work with and support local stream restoration and salmon recovery efforts.

The FerenSoft logo has always been Green.

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