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FerenSoft System Require­ments


FerenSoft Trio!™ Requires:
Personal computer or tablet with Intel compatible CPU, 200 MB or more of free hard drive or SSD space, one USB or standard parallel port.

MS Windows Compatibility:
Requires installed version of MS Windows. Runs on Win 10, Win 8, Win 7, Vista, XP or later. Runs on 64-bit and 32-bit versions of MS Windows. Compatibility with 64-bit MS Windows requires FS Trio! v.14 or higher. The “Professional” versions of MS Windows are highly recommended, especially if running FS Trio! over a network.

Apple OS Compatibility:
FerenSoft Trio! v.14 or higher can run on recent Apple hardware provided a compatible version of MS Windows is installed inside a suitable virtual machine (VM). For instance, an iMac 5K running Apple OS X Yosemite and Parallels Desktop 12 with MS Windows 10 Pro has been found very satisfactory.

Touch-Screen Option:
FS Trio! is automatically touch-screen enabled by default. Requires touch-screen capable monitor, tablet or other device for touch-screen capabilities to function.

Additional Recommended Hardware / Software:
VGA or higher color monitor or display, mouse or other pointing device, laser or ink jet printer, suitable backup device (e.g. CD, DVD, external HDD, or Cloud), suitable backup software, surge suppressor and/or UPS (uninterruptable power supply).

Network / Multi-User Option:
Network/Multi-User option available in 3-station increments. Requires installed peer-to-peer NetBIOS-compatible network. The first “3-pak” extends FS Trio! to run on a total of 3 computers. Good performance on 10Mbps networks. Excellent performance on 100Mbps networks with as many as 15 or more work stations. “Pro” versions of MS Windows highly recommended if FS Trio! will be networked.

Vendor Price Update Option:
An annual, January-December subscription and access to special updates webpage. A different computer may be used for the webpage access if the files can be written to CD or other media and transported to the FS Trio! computer. Moulding and matboard files for popular US and Canadian vendors only. Available Premium subscription required for access to closed corner moulding vendors, fabric covered liner vendors, and others.

Power Tools Pro Option:
A stand-alone or networked installation of FS Trio! v.9.2+ or later. Significant Power Tools extensions have been added which require FS Trio! v.14.3+ or later.

Cloud Backup Option:
The available secure, encrypted cloud backup option requires an internet connection.

Computerized Mat Cutter Link Pro Option:
A network connection to the installed, computerized mat cutting (CMC) machine is suggested, but not required. FS Trio! does not need to run on the CMC machine, but may.

Bar Code Reading and Printing:
Reading bar codes requires installed scanner or keyboard wedge. Printing bar code labels requires installed True Type barcode font (included). A quality printer with good resolution, such as a 600-dpi or better laser printer, is suggested.


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